Two state troopers wounded, suspect killed in Martinsburg incident


CHARLESTON — Two West Virginia State troopers are recovering from gunshot wounds and their assailant is dead in the eastern panhandle.

State Police Maj. Jim Mitchell said Trooper A.A. Bean and Trooper C.D. Spessert went to a home on Connell Street in Martinsburg with a warrant for the arrest of Tobias Ganey, 60, of the home.

“They had a warrant for this gentleman for battery. He had committed battery against his neighbor,” said Mitchell.

However, Ganey was not cooperative.

“They knocked on the door and had communication with Mr. Ganey through the door. He would not show himself or come out for an extended period of time. They had to start making forced entry and continued communication,” Mitchell explained.

“The only thing he would say was he would not be coming out. They made entry, and as soon as the door opened they came immediately under fire,” he added.

Spessert was shot once, but Bean suffered four gunshot wounds. Both managed to return fire and killed Ganey in the incident. With the threat eliminated, Spessert turned his attention toward first aid for Bean. Mitchell said the quick action likely saved his life.

Spessert is in stable condition and expected to recover quickly. Bean remains in critical, but stable condition and faces a long road to recovery.

“We feel confident unless something unforeseen would happen, both Trooper Spessert and Trooper Bean will survive the shooting,” Mitchell said.

There are no indications state police had ever had any interaction with Ganey prior to the Sunday night incident. Even leading up to the shooting, Ganey made no threats to the troopers and only indicated he wasn’t coming out.

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